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First Pawn of Naples and Lehigh Acres buy, sell, and pawn tons of used items daily. This makes the go-to for shoppers who love a bargain and those looking to pocket some easy money. 

We pay top dollar for your gently used high quality items with just a photo ID be it pawning or selling. Because of this many look to our shops to help them recover stolen items. Reason being sometimes thrives will try and come in to a pawn shop to get rid of a hot item for cash.

These thieves are not appreciated by the item owners or the pawn shops. They cause stress and waste everyones time.

According to the Law

Should a theft occur the first step is to report the items missing to your local police in an official report. Items do not need to be reported legally to the pawn shops by the owner. If they were insured it is also time to file a claim with your insurance company.

Is there a Stolen Item Protocol for Pawn Shops?

Pawn shops report all items they buy or pawn to the local law enforcement agency daily. This regulated process is mandated so pawn shops have to include the serial number, model, brand, and an accurate description of each piece they receive.

Additionally, all pawn shops require a government-issued photo ID for every sale based transaction. This includes pawn loans. This step alone helps store owners keep a record in their database of who pawned or sold any and every item.

What happens if your stolen item is pawned?

If a police report of a stolen item matches a piece in the store, the authorities will contact the pawn shop both by e-mail and via phone. If an item is suspected stolen, law enforcement is able to reference the piece in the store and compare it to the report. LEADS online database is able to reference anything in pawn shops nationwide.

Will I get My stolen merchandise back?

Yes. If an item is confirmed to be stolen, that item is then put on hold. At that time detectives will pick it up. The police will usually hold the item until the victim goes to court. If you have filed a report and pressed charges, the person who pawned or sold the property will be ordered by the court to pay restitution to the pawn shop for the payout.

First Pawn has a close relationship with the local law enforcement. If you hope to recover your stolen items, it’s important to file a police report as soon as you notice the issue.

If you have any questions about the pawn process or would like more information feel free to stop in or call at either of our two locations. 

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