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First Pawn Loves Diamonds!

Diamonds are eye catching, sought after, coveted, and there is never a shortage of those looking to buy. This is the reason that pawn shops are so happy to buy diamonds from you when you come in looking to sell.

Should You Report Stolen Items to Local Pawn Shops?

We pay top dollar for your gently used high quality items with just a photo ID be it pawning or selling. Because of this many look to our shops to help them recover stolen items. Reason being sometimes thrives will try and come in to a pawn shop to get rid of a hot item for cash.

Get Cash When You Need it Most With a Pawn Loan

While payday may not be here yet, you do have assets and you can cover the bills. You just need to do a bit of shifting. Find something of value you already own and bring it on into First Pawn where you can take out a no credit check pawn loan, walking out with cash in a matter of minutes

Stock Your Tool Box for Less!

When it comes to buying tools the expense can add up quickly. Quality tools are not cheap. The trick to stocking up for less is to know where to shop. Retailers are locked into price points based on what they paid wholesale. They need to make their mark up in order to support their retail space. You are paying for more than just the tool itself.

The Best Place to Buy Musical Instruments

Here in Florida many schools still thankfully offer music programs. On average most schools will offer children the opportunity to take instrument lessons of their choosing starting from 3rd or 4th grade. While the school often offers instrument rentals or purchases...

Silver – The Red Headed Step Child of Metals

While everyone clammers for gold gold gold, silver often gets overlooked because it has been deemed to be of lesser value. The thing is many people genuinely love silver. Some just don’t have the skin tones to be able to wear yellow gold and the cooler silver tones...

Never Visited a Pawn Shop? – Here is How to Negotiate

We love a great deal as much as the next guy, but we do not expect you to simply give your belongings away for a song. Pawn shops love a good negotiator. Simply put, you make our day more fun. Maybe you are looking for a pawn loan to cover some unexpected bills or...

The Value of Gold

If you are in Southwest Florida and looking to sell your gold e would love to talk to you and make you an offer for cash on the spot! Gold, Silver, Platinum

Why Pay Retail?

Why Pawn Shopping in Southwest Florida Makes You a Smart Shopper You see someone wearing an eye catching time piece or a sparkling ring that strikes your fancy. You can’t help but strike up a conversation. “Were did you find that beautiful piece?” you may remark. You...

Your Vote Matters!

Naples Daily News is running their annual Best Naples Poll. As one of our Amazing Loyal Customers we would appreciate you voting for us as: BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE and BEST PLACE TO BUY FINE JEWELRY Click on the button below and type in "First Pawn Jewelry &...

Fast Easy Loans

We know how the holidays can leave you drained financially. We’re here to HELP! First Pawn offers fast easy loans. Stop in today to get the cash you need for the holidays!

Are you getting engaged?

Getting engaged is one of the biggest decisions of your life. You’ve found the right girl, now you need the right ring. Giving your betrothed to be an offering of a ring can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians have been found buried wedding rings made of...

Pawn Loans vs. Payday Loans

At first glance pawn loans and payday loans may seem like similar options, but in reality they are vastly different. PAYDAY LOANS Payday loans are loans advertised as short term fixes to temporary financial issues. They are easy money – but at a high cost. The reality...

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Thinking of Buying a Diamond?

Here in SW Florida we are bombarded with radio ads and billboards telling us that we need to buy a diamond and that the best and only place to buy is a certain retail outlet, not to be named.   The fact is that they do have an incredible and lovely diamond selection....

What does it mean to “Pawn” an item?

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “Pawn” when used as a verb as “To deposit as security, as for money borrowed.” It is a direct personal loan made with collateral. Unlike banks, where when you request a loan they base their decision on a number of factors...

Popular Misconceptions about Pawn Shops

There tends to be a kind of stigma attached to the very title of “Pawn Shop”. Over the years though portrayals in TV, movies, news media, even friends, neighbors and family the pawn industry had gained a rather seedy reputation of being a lower end genre of store...

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