Why Pawn Shopping in Southwest Florida Makes You a Smart Shopper

You see someone wearing an eye catching time piece or a sparkling ring that strikes your fancy. You can’t help but strike up a conversation. “Were did you find that beautiful piece?” you may remark. You expect the answer to be a high end jewelry store and are surprised to hear “Oh this? Yes, I love it too. I found it at First Pawn.”

“What? You found a piece of that quality – in a pawn shop?”

Oftentimes? The answer is Yes.

Many people seem to have the wrong idea of pawn shops from old tv movies. The truth is some of the most beautiful timeless pieces end up there just waiting for a new owner with a great eye to come along and find it, a treasure among many.

When it comes to buying fine jewelry, gold, platinum, white gold, diamonds and precious stones, there is no reason to pay retail mark up if you have just a little bit of time to shop and look around. 

Previous owners will sell designer pieces in order to clear out their jewelry drawers if they find that they no longer wear the specific piece, when holding estate sales, when wanting to buy a new different item, or even when they may be strapped for cash. No matter the reason, you, the potential buyer stand to get exactly what you had been dreaming of, at a killer of a deal.

Retail jewelry stores mark up traditionally at a minimum of keystone (meaning 2x or 100%) and can go as high as a 400% mark up. Who wants to pay that? You want to pay for the real value of the item, not foot the bill for their skyrocketed overhead.

Let’s use an example. Say you are looking for and happen to find a Tiffany diamond Band ring in 18k rose gold with a half-circle of round brilliant diamonds. 3 mm wide. Carat total weight .57. it retails for $4,650.00. At a pawn shop you may find it for well over $1000 less or more and be able to bargain with the shop to get a price you can afford and love, walking away with a beautiful ring at a fraction of the cost.

First Pawn offers top brands at a fraction of the cost.

Is the ring any different than someone’s who ordered it from their site or went to their store in NY? No. It is the exact same ring and holds still the exact same value. It simply makes you a smart shopper.

The same goes for high end watches such as Rolex, Cartier, and Shinola. Thousands of dollars retail, they are impressive and stunning. The same impression is made when purchased at a pawn shop.

All jewelry at First Pawn’s two convenient locations are carefully inspected by their Master Jeweler who works right on site and is available for resizing and repairs. Every item on the showroom floor has been inspected and polished to perfection so each piece is like new.

Looking for something special? Call ahead. If we don’t already have it in stock we are more than happy to keep an eye out for you and call you when we do have it.

Visit our showrooms today for spectacular bargains. www.firstpawn.com

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