When it comes to buying tools the expense can add up quickly. Quality tools are not cheap. The trick to stocking up for less is to know where to shop. Retailers are locked into price points based on what they paid wholesale. They need to make their mark up in order to support their retail space. You are paying for more than just the tool itself.

The fact is you can get the very same tools at a fraction of the cost by shopping around and checking out your local pawn shops.

Buying preowned is the way to go. Stores like First Pawn that sell preowned tools get new inventory daily. If you are looking for lawn mowers, power tools, leaf blowers, rototillers, cordless drills, jigsaws, routers, paint sprayers,  and even chain saws, we likely have it! 

More of the beauty of a pawn shop location is that the prices are not set in stone. This gives you more buying power. If you see an item that you really would like to have and its just out of your price range, make an offer. You never know if the clerk may be able to say yes or work with you to get a price that makes you both happy, sending you home with the tool you had been looking for.

While these items tend to go on sale for holidays like Father’s Day or Christmas you can get a great deal any day of the year. Come on in with your wish list and talk to us. If we don’t currently have it, we may be able to find it for you. Let us work as your personal shoppers.

Once you realize just how much bang you can get for your buck at First Pawn’s two convenient locations you may never bother to shop retail again!

Visit our showrooms today for spectacular bargains. www.firstpawn.com. 

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