Many families are planning their summer vacations and finding that money may be tight. That shouldn’t have to be a factor in your choice of destination. Life is to be lived. One option available is to take out a vacation loan (a form of a personal loan) from your bank or credit union.

The only catch with a vacation loan is that your credit really has to be very good in order to #1 be accepted for the loan and #2 not have an astronomical  interest rate. There is another option that is usually over looked. Pawn loans. These wonderful collateral based loans can be a two fold blessing.

If you have valuables in your home, be it computers, instruments, TV’s, jewelry, watches, firearms, or something else, you already have the money available to take that dream vacation. All you need to do is temporarily liquidate that asset. The beauty of this is that while you are on vacation not only do you have the funds to travel you also have bought protection of a sort on your item.

Because we, as a pawn shop, hold your item while you pay back the loan against it, it is held in a safe, secure, locked area and covered under our business insurance. Your possessions may actually be safer with First Pawn than they are being left alone in an empty house for a week or two at a time. This holds especially true if you don’t happen to have a rider on your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Items such as Firearms and jewelry are not covered under the general provisions of a normal home or renters policy. If something happens and they are stolen or lost, you as the owner are simply out of luck. You would need to come out of pocket to replace them.

At First Pawn we are happy to have you come in at your convenience, meet with one of our staff and we can take a look at your items. We are proud to be able to offer you top dollar on collateral loans as well as set the payment dates to match your calendar and needs.

We now have two locations right here in Southwest Florida – Lehigh Acres and Naples.

Visit our showrooms today for spectacular bargains. 

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