These days the Green Movement is gaining momentum. It’s no longer considered hippy dippy to want to save the planet, and frankly the more people who are all in, the better.

We have evolved into a very materialistic society because we are a first world country drenched in amazing technology. Even our societies poor have luxuries other countries never dream of including – cell phones, televisions, and computers.

Unfortunately we also live in a disposable society. It used to be that if something broke, we fixed it or brought it to someone to be fixed. These days things simply aren’t made as well for the most part and manufacturers expect you to toss and buy a new whatever it happens to be. That leads to a lot of waste.

Whats the answer?

Buying gently used of course! Whenever possible you can not only save yourself money by not paying full retail pricing, but also help to limit the need for new production of items in factories from raw materials by literally recycling items like phones, tablets, tv’s, stereos, musical instruments, even sporting good, jewelry, and much more. Just because something has been previously purchased makes no difference in its quality. At reputable pawn shops all items taken in to inventory are thoroughly checked out for visual appearance as well as functionality and quality.

If you are the earth conscious type who brings their own bags to the grocery store, recycles plastic bags, pays attention to what they use, consume, and toss into either the garbage or recycle bin, drives an electric car or a hybrid, you are doing a great job! By choosing to shop at your local pawn shops you can take that one step further and feel good about your shopping habits because you will be part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem.

Next time you “need” something, before you head to a big box retail store give First Pawn Jewelry and Loan a chance. Come into our two Southwest Florida locations and check out our selection! You never know what treasures you might find.

We now have two locations right here in Southwest Florida – Lehigh Acres and Naples.

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