When watch shopping you will notice a vast price difference between brands and styles. Though many of the differences are visual, you may wonder just exactly what the difference is since they do the same basic job – tell time.

Here are the top 5 details to look for when buying a watch.

#1 Craftsmanship: Once you get used to holding and looking at a high end high quality watch you can tell visually and by feel the difference. Higher end watches feel heavier, more solid, and contain far more crafted details than lower end models. Look at the stitch quality and even the box it comes in. The leather quality, the casing, the overall workmanship all come into play.

#2 Quartz or Mechanical – Mechanical are spring driven and contain a lot of well made pieces. They take a lot more effort to manufacture than a quartz watch. Spring driven watches are self winding by the motion of your arm. Quartz means it has a battery and runs off of that. They may be more accurate but don’t require as many pieces or as much movement. 

#3 The Type of Glass on the Face – The three types are: Mineral, Acrylic, and Sapphire.
Mineral – least expensive and does scratch fairly easily. Acrylic is slightly more scratch resistant and a bit more expensive. Manmade sapphire glass is resistant to scratching.

#4 Complications – These are the additional details – the month, the movement of the planet or the moon, the date, you may pay more for the details.

#5 The Fluidity of Movement – high end watches have about 9 movements per second and it appears very smooth. Lower quality is in the 3-4 movements per second. If you can hear the second hand that is an indicator or lower end watch. 

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