Gone are the days of running over to the local Blockbuster or mom and pop family movie store. We all remember the “Be kind please rewind” signs prominently displayed on the counters. 

While we all love the convenience of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, the selection of older films, oddities, and classics seem to be dwindling. It is getting harder and harder to find movies you may want to watch again and revisit.

You may never have considered it before, but pawn shops often take movies in. They end up with a pretty good selection and you really never know exactly what hidden gems you may find.

All of this without paying movie prices any higher than a one night rental on Amazon. Plus they are there forever in your collection. They can be watched time and time again at your convenience. Host your own movie night at home and invite friends and family!

If you are a movie buff, chances are that you also have your own collection at home. Many times you find that there are films you simply won’t watch again. Why let them take up valuable space? Take a few minutes and sort through what you have. Eliminate what you believe you will never watch again and bring them on into First Pawn. Let us make you an offer in cash or find something you would like to trade for or towards.

First Pawn has movies, entertainment equipment, stereos, surround sound systems, game consoles, musical instruments and so much more! We are your affordable entertainment headquarters!

All merchandise has been thoroughly checked and tested and great deals are found easily throughout the store. Why pay full retail on the very same movie we have just waiting for you in stock on our shelves?

We would love to see you! Come on by!

Visit our showrooms today for spectacular bargains. www.firstpawn.com. 

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