America loves to shop. Buying things has become not just a necessity but a pastime and a hobby. We love a good deal, but often not as much as we love instant gratification.

Retail locations thrive on the impulse buy. We are reeled in my clever attractive package design, displays, and placement within the store. But are these items, even “on-sale”, really a bargain?

Retail sales generally mean that items are marked up what is known as Keystone or two times. So if a buyer for a store purchases an item for $100 wholesale it is often marked at $200 for retail sale. There is a large percentage margin for retail shops. Though this can vary from store to store with Jewelry stores, in particular, raising the margin by a great deal even going as high as 3 to 4 times on select designer pieces. That’s a 400% profit.

When you agree to pay these huge markups you are not just financing the item you bought you are paying often for expensive overhead, salaries, advertising, and much more. While it is very nice to have the opportunity to shop at these storefronts, wouldn’t it be nice to go home, item in hand at a more reasonable price?

We sure believe so!

At First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida we love a great deal. We buy items at the highest price for gently used or worn and we pass the savings on to our customers at prices marked far less than retail, often for things that are without a package or box, but very much like new otherwise.

Aside from the cost – Pawn Shops offer such a widely varied selection you never know what you may find!

Many of you pride yourselves on your ability to treasure hunt and revel in your own uniqueness. Pawnshops are the ideal place for you. We have a regular influx of fascinating one of a kind pieces that are not the current season merchandise in retail stores. Meaning we may just be the one and only place you can actually find something. If you are looking for something special we are also happy to keep our eye out for you and give you a call if it comes into one of our stores.

If you haven’t been in recently – why wait? Today is a great day to swing by.  We are always buying, selling, and offering the best rates locally on pawn loans! Walk out in just minutes with cash or a new treasure!

We would love to see you! Come on by!

Visit our showrooms today for spectacular bargains.

First Pawn Jewelry & Loan

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1331 Homestead Rd N, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | 239-369-2274

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