The fact is sports fans are dedicated to their teams. They have favorite players, and many follow their entire career celebrating victories and achievements. Wanting to own a piece of that rich history is a fancy of many sports enthusiasts.

Sports memorabilia can range from the lower end to quite expensive depending on the piece and the player. Though not always thought of right off the bat, pawn shops can be one of the very best places to source from. Plus you can leverage your already owned items against a new one by trading or selling outright. Finding a store you like and connect well with the staff it’s easy to create a mutually lucrative business relationship.

What to Consider When Selling Sports Memorabilia

Proof of authenticity: Does your collectible come with a certificate of authentication?
These certifications help the pawnshop research the item for price comparison.

They also help the seller know how to negotiate so they get a fair deal.

Condition: The better the condition, the higher the price that will be offered.

Research Yourself: Your knowledge and help are valuable.
What to know: History, year, player, team, was it part of a notable game? Is it one of a kind

Considerations When Buying Sports Memorabilia

Research: Buying with a knowledgable background can save you time, hassle, and disappointment. Find out – what similar items have sold for, find out the background, ask to see it up close, check for certificates of authenticity. And of course, compare price if it is not a one of a kind item to others available for sale on the market.

The uniqueness of Selection: Unlike retail outlets, the merchandise is not bought from vendors. This means you never know what an individual will bright through the doors. Pawnshops receive items you may never have seen before and may never see again. If you see it, you love it, grab it while you can. Finding another may be a doozy if possible at all.

Buying sports memorabilia at First Pawn is a win-win. Our staff loves sports. We get excited when a new piece comes available and are more than happy to tell you about it when you spot it in our cases. Finding and matching up fans with what they love is a passion of ours.

Looking for something special? We have two locations right here in Southwest Florida! Come browse today and walk out with a piece your fellow sports lovers will drool over.

Visit our showrooms today for spectacular bargains.

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