You are in love. You have thought about it for a long time now and finally feel like you are ready. Proposing is a big deal. You are asking the person you love the most if they would like to share the rest of life with you.

The engagement ring is the outward symbol of your love. Choosing one that is right for your soon to be finance is a big deal. With jewelry  store after jewelry store combined with online outlets it can get confusing!

There are so many options – cut, clarity, carat, color, shape, metal used in the band design, the design itself, the designer, your fiancé to be’s style preferences, it can be overwhelming. Encompassing all of that is also of course the other “C” – cost.

Purchasing a diamond in a retail jewelry store can cost quite a bit. While diamond buyers and jewelers buy direct from designers and companies at wholesale that savings is in no way passed to you, the end buyer. Jewelry mark up full retail can go anywhere from keystone (100%) all the way up to 400% on certain brands and pieces.

You may buy a $10,000 ring in a retail shop yet the actual appraised value could be much lower. It is very much like buying a brand new car. The moment you drive it off the lot, the value tanks.

This begs the question: Isn’t there a better way?
Thankfully the answer is a resounding yes!

This is where First Pawn would love to offer our services. Yes, we are a pawn shop. We are, however, not your average pawn shop. We have an onsite Master Jeweler on staff who inspects ever single piece of jewelry that comes in through our doors for potential purchase and resale. Because we buy at such great prices from our clients, combined with our overhead that is less than many of the major retail jewelry shops, we are able to pass along amazing deals to our customers.

We often get very unique rings (as well as other jewelry and watches) that you may not even be able to find otherwise. Vintage, designer, original one of a  kind pieces, we have them all. They have been cleaned, inspected, and if needed restored to their original states so they look like brand new.

Why pay a 400% mark up when you could get the very same ring at a fraction of the cost? The beauty of buying this way is that no one will ever even know the difference. This could leave you with more money towards the proposal itself, the wedding, or even a fabulous honeymoon.

Don’t limit yourself. Get what you really want by being a smart and savvy shopper.

Visit our showrooms today for spectacular bargains.

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