National Hunting and Fishing Day takes place each year on the fourth Saturday of September. This holiday was created to enjoy the sports of fishing and hunting. Its intent is to recognize these responsible natural enthusiasts.

Whether you hunt or fish, or even do both the fact is you need the right gear. Fish and wild game don’t just jump into your lap, you have to develop your skill and craft and work for the wins.

That is what makes these sports so rewarding. Its the thrill of the hunt, the chase, otherwise you would just go to Publix like everyone else.

publix seafood

Publix Seafood & Meat Counter

When it comes to buying gear we know it can add up quickly. Tents, hunting stands, clothing, fishing poles, lures, tackle boxes, even canoes, kayaks, paddles, camping equipment, firearms and rifles, scopes, sights, laser pointers, backpacks to carry it all, night vision goggles, UV coated sun safety glasses, ear protection, and so much more.

hunting first pawn firearmsWhen fishing or hunting is your passion it is easy to go overboard buying all the latest and greatest equipment. This is where the beauty of shopping at First Pawn in both Naples and Lehigh comes in. We regularly stock a lot of what you need. Because we buy at such great prices we also pass that savings right along to the next buyer.

Rather than running to Camping World, Walmart, or even Bass Pro or Dicks come see us first. You just might be amazed at what we can check off on your list and save you a ton of cash that you can use for other things like gas money and food while you are out there!

At First Pawn Jewelry & Loan we have a huge selection of firearms and ammunition.
We fully support your 2nd amendment right to bear arms, especially in the tradition of the sport.

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