If you are intrigued by the possibility of visiting a pawn shop in Naples or Lehigh Acres, Florida you are in for a great experience. Not only do pawn shops offer an excellent way of making some money off the things that you don’t use. A pawn shop is also a place where you can get an instant cash loan without the hassle of credit checks.

Here are the 5 things you should know to have a successful visit:

Decide if you are going to sell or pawn.
Selling means you give up ownership outright for a certain sum of money in turn. Pawning your item you only take out a loan against its value. It will be held safely while you make your loan payments. When the loan is paid off, the item becomes yours again. If you are selling or pawning diamonds or precious stones it is vital to know if the Florida pawn shop has in-house GIA trained Gemologists so that you can get an accurate evaluation of your jewelry, giving you a fair offer.

Choose the best pawn shop in Naples, Florida

Do some online research to see what others have said about local Naples, Florida pawn shops. Make sure the pawnshop of your choice deals with the kind of items you are planning on bringing. For example, not all pawn shops in Southwest Florida take diamonds or designer handbags, but First Pawn Jewelry and Loan does.

Be ready to negotiate.
Researching ahead of time will help you have a good idea of what you can ask and hope for as far as value. With that amount in mind, you can aim for the best price. Showing results of your research to the pawn agent can help you make your case for the best value price.

Prepare your item.
When selling, reverse the roles. Pretend you are the one buying the item.

Have you cleaned it? Made sure it is in good working order? A clean item will probably get more on the asking price than something shrouded in a layer of dust. If you are selling electronics, make sure that they are fully charged, and have original power cords.

Make your payments on time.
If you decide on getting a pawn loan, plan on making your payments in a timely manner. Take advantage of First Pawn’s renewal options, which allow you to renew the loan if you are not ready to retrieve the item at the end of the term. It gives you breathing room to know you have loan options!

Now you’re all prepared to visit First Pawn Jewelry and Loan. If you have a big-ticket item it’s a great idea to call ahead and let us know you are coming! That way we can have the most knowledgeable team member meet with you when you arrive.

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