The label of Millennial belongs to those born between the years of 1980 and 1999. This age group has begun flocking to not only pawn shops but also consignment stores – but why?

Millennials are thrifty. They have realized the perks that come with second-hand shopping. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry and designer items. It has become almost like a game or treasure hunt to find the best possible deals on the coolest pieces. There is a satisfaction that comes from finding a needle in a haystack amazing find. It will be the only one, unlike retail where they just go grab another one of that item to fill the now-empty stock shelf.

Your friend who “simply loves it” can’t just go out to the store, grab one and copy you. It allows you a more unique style approach. Vintage items are a great find and very popular. Estate items often end up in a pawn shop and may have been sitting locked away for years and even decades in a jewelry box. When they reappear they are attention-getters.

Style bloggers and influencers have played a large role in the growing followers of second-hand shopping trends. Millennials flock to the idea that vintage shopping furthers individuality steering you away from simply settling for dressing yourself like a catalog model. It can set you apart. When it comes to style, the beauty is in the details and details mean accessories. Watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets, fob (pocket) watches, an elegant broach, or a rare designer bag… Pawnshops are THE place to make major finds and millennials know it.

The other half of the coin is the flexibility pawn shops offer. Millennials are very fluid in their approach to life. They aren’t materialistic and love the thrill of the buy often more times than simply owning “things”.

Because of this pawnshops can give this amazing generation quick access to fast cash they might not be able to get ahold of easily otherwise unless they have good established credit. Simply choose an item or items they already own and would not mind parting with (selling) or parting with temporarily (Pawn collateral loans). The item can be sold outright or simply held as collateral for a temporary short term loan.

It has been estimated that 42% of millennials have used pawn shop loans in the past 5 years. This blows the incorrect stereotype that the younger generations aren’t in the know about pawn shops out of the water.

So dear millennials, before you box up and store away your unworn gold or jewelry or your inherited grandmother’s necklace that you appreciate but just isn’t your style, remember to visit your local pawn shop because chances are, you’ll walk away with cash making the next shopper like you very happy.

Located in the Naples or Lehigh Acres, Florida Area?

First Pawn and Jewelry and Loan have two locations located in Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida.  They are the perfect venue for you to get cash on items that you find no use of while also giving that item a second chance to fulfill purpose in someone else’s life.

We can all learn something from millennials, and that is to find value in the individuality. Let the treasure hunt begin!

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