We buy pieces of jewelry that we are drawn to. Things that bring us joy looking at them. Things that make us feel good wearing them. We also end up with items in our collections that are inherited or given to us. Sometimes they fit our style perfectly and other times, not so much.

As well made as most fine jewelry is normal wear and tear can cause clasps to break and stones to loosen thanks to bent prongs. Once broken, you can’t wear them anymore. They sit n your jewelry box collecting dust. Sure you can pay to repair them, but if it’s not something you like to wear all the time, many people don’t want to take the time or spend the money to do so.

They lay in the dark often forgotten about for years. When will they be thought of again? When you need to liquidate and get some cash in hand.

The question becomes – can you pawn broken jewelry?

We are very happy to say that unlike a normal retail jeweler or consignment shop we can still accept broken pieces for pawn or sale, though it will be on the melt value as well as the value of the actual stones rather than taking into account resale value and design.

When no one else will help, First Pawn Jewelry and Loan can. Just come in with your broken jewelry and know you have a couple of options.

1. You can sell it to us outright if you believe you have no intention of ever fixing and wearing it again. We will give you the market value for the gold as well as the diamonds, cash on the spot and the transaction is complete.


2. You can even pawn your broken pieces. We will make you an offer and set loan and payback terms. Once those are met and the loan is paid off we will give you back your jewelry and you can hang on to it as an asset or even repair and wear it down the road.


3. First Pawn is happy to be able to offer a third option as well. As we have an in-house jeweler on staff we can even repair your jewelry for you while it is being held here in safekeeping once the original loan balance is paid off. All you pay additionally is the small repair fee. Then when you pick your piece up, voila! It is wearable again! You got cash when you needed it AND walked out with a like-new again bauble!

Come see us at First Pawn Jewelry and Loan

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