Have a brand name laptop you are looking to sell or pawn? Here at First Pawn Jewelry and Loan, we are interested! A laptop is most definitely an asset and one that can be leveraged against when you need cash now.

When it comes to computers, there are a few key things on a checklist you will need to make sure of before you bring it in looking for an offer.

Laptop Computers

#1 – Make sure that the computer is fully charged. Laptop batteries can go bad. If your battery won’t hold a charge you may get a lesser offer or no offer at all. If your battery is in good health, great. Let’s make a deal.

#2 – Bring the charger in with you. Not all charging cords are universal. No charging cord, and we can’t resell it.

Desktop Computers

#1 Bring in all accessories with the computer.

You will need the power cord, a keyboard, and a mouse.

If the monitor is separate, bring that also.

Administrator Access: Be it a desktop, laptop, or even a server, you absolutely must have the password to log into the administrator account.

If you don’t know the password to log into the system, we can’t work with you. The reason is two-fold – first, we need to make sure you are indeed the owner of the computer and have the right to sell or pawn it. Secondly, should you forfeit the computer while it is in on loan, the pawnshop will need that information to log in and erase your information.

Have a Mac?

If you are trying to pawn or sell an Apple product at a pawnshop, you will also need to know the iCloud password so that you can sign out of your Apple account when you take it into the store.

Most pawnshop will not accept an Apple product still logged into the account, so this is absolutely vital.

Whether you are selling a Mac or a PC following these guidelines will get you the best offer in the shortest time.

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