As life goes on belongings pile up. That includes jewelry. Every so often its good to go through your jewelry box and clean out old items that you don’t wear anymore. Someone else might very well love to have them.

Directions: How to sort your jewelry box and make room for new items without sacrificing old

1. Clean Everything

Whether you plan on keeping it, giving it away, storing it, or selling while you are taking the time to go through the collection, you may as well clean everything. Most jewelry can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and dishwashing soap. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning them on your own, carefully store your pieces in a jewelry bag or smaller box, and bring them to a jeweler or pawn shop. Make sure and reserve spots in the box for storage after cleaning for those you will be keeping.

2. Store Sentimental Pieces

Heirlooms should be kept in a safe place. Make sure when they are stored that they are not tangled or damaged and have been recently cleaned.

3. The Pawn Shop Pile

If you have items you don’t feel like you will ever wear again why not make some money instead of having them just sit in a box collecting dust? Selling these items makes space for new pieces, and it also earns you a little extra cash. First Pawn can perform a jewelry appraisal, and make you an on the spot offer.

4. In Need of Repair

Inspect prongs, clasps, and chains for damage. If you find breakage set them aside for repair. If you have older items that you like aspects of, but not the whole piece, consider repurposing it! Take that pendant and mount it as a ring! The ideas are endless. First Pawn has a master jeweler on site. Talk to him, he is a great resource.

5. Take Inventory

As you clean, make a list, so you have a detailed inventory of what your jewelry box now contains. Take digital photos, and store descriptions and images somewhere safe in case you ever need to make an insurance claim for damaged or missing items.

After you finish, bring your unwanted pieces to First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida.

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