We have realized over the years that most people don’t have the full picture as to what a pawnshop is and what they have to offer. We wanted to take a minute to demystify and give you the benefit of knowing what we can do for you!

What ARE pawnshops, really?

Pawnshops are financial Institutions. The core of the business in a pawnshop is lending. Pawnshops lend money against personal property. There is no credit check needed and it is faster than a bank loan. Terms are set and agreed upon and once the loan is repaid, you get your items back.

Pawnshops are retail stores: Pawnshops both buy and sell used and brand new items from customers daily. While you can sell things yourself these days on apps like Offer Up or on eBay it takes time and patience. Many prefer the ease of being able to take their item into the store and walking out with cash that day.

Pawnshops are jewelry stores: At First Pawn we staff an on-site jeweler. Not all pawnshops do. Our jeweler takes jewelry we buy and often uses the stones to make something completely new. Along with custom pieces we also do repairs on jewelry. All jewelry makes it into our showroom cases are inspected, cleaned, and restored to as close to as new condition as possible.

Pawnshops are GREEN! Love to recycle and help the planet? We do too.  We buy gold, silver, and platinum even if it is broken with the goal of melting it down and recycled back into the marketplace. The metals are then sold to a refinery where they will end up back in circulation either as jewelry, computer parts, or even for military applications.

Pawnshops work as an appraiser: Brokers must be good appraisers. They have to have a wide knowledge base when it comes to the value of jewelry as well a number of other items including firearms, musical instruments, tools, and sporting goods. good sold.

Our Goal at First Pawn is to always offer you, the customer, a fair price that can benefit you as well as the shop.

Pawnshops are experts in their field: Jack of all trades – that is the pawnbroker. You are expected to be an expert in…pretty much everything! You need to know jewelry, coins, watches, antiques, art, handbags, computers, and more. Wondering how much something you have of value is worth? Bring it in we would love to take a look and if you may be willing to part with it, we are happy to make you an offer as well.

Come see us at First Pawn Jewelry and Loan

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