Are you needing cash fast but don’t have great credit? That can be a tough situation. No one likes to borrow money from friends or family and banks won’t deal with you under a certain credit score (plus they take time to approve or deny a loan.)

If you need cash fast, First Pawn Jewelry & Loan has options for you.

Almost everyone has a TV. Televisions are not inexpensive anymore with the advanced smart tv technology that is on the market. These smart TV’s are a great way to get extra money and some free time not glued to the boob tube.

Pawnshop owners are able to quickly evaluate your television and make you an offer based on if you would like to sell it outright or take a pawn loan against it.

Working with a reputable pawnshop is far easier and less time consuming than trying to sell things online or on apps dealing with potential buyers individually yourself.

How much is your TV Worth?

The pawnbroker will assess your TV based on the following:

Brand Reputation

When you are buying a new TV, the first thing you check is whether it is manufactured by a reputed brand. The same goes for pawning. Pawnshops prefer taking branded LCDs and LEDs.

Preferred Brands are:

  • LG
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • Followed by: Vizio and Sharp


Hi-tech TV’s are sought after and easily gran the attention of a pawnshop more so than a conventional TV set.

What to know when selling

  1. Is it a smart TV? If your TV can work with the internet, users can benefit from a host of online services such as Amazon or Netflix.
  2. Is it a plasma, LCD or LED television?
  3. Does it display programming in 3D?
  4. Does your TV handle 4k resolution, which is the latest in UHD technology?
  5. How old is your TV? Maximum offers are made on sets 2 years old or less.
  6. Size of your TV? The bigger the better. Those over 42” get the most offers and the best prices.
  7. Is anything missing? Power cords, HDMI cables, remote control, and if you have the original box you are golden. The more pieces and more complete, the higher the offer.
  8. Bring the pedestal.
  9. Clean your TV set. A clean TV is worth more than a dirty dusty model.

Can I Trade in My Old TV for a New One?

Of course! We love trades just as much as sales and loans. Once inside, ask to see our inventory of TVs. If you see one you like, just ask if you could trade in your old one, or get a discount. We have incredible deals on great models.

When you need cash and you need it fast, please think of First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres. Our biggest asset is our customer base and we strive to make you happy and your life easier. Bring us your TV’s, your stereo equipment, smartphones, tablets, other devices, game consoles, sports equipment, musical instruments, firearms, bicycles, vehicles, jewelry, diamonds, gold, watches, and collectibles!

We will do our best to give you top dollar on anything of value that you bring in.

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