If you have antiques you no longer have room for or just wish to sell no matter what the reason you may wonder where to take them to get the best deal. Should you visit an antique shop or a pawn shop?

Though they may make offers in the same way the base difference is that antique shops specialize and focus on antiques. Pawnshops decide item by item if they feel they can resell or not and that determines if they will make you an offer or not.

Pawnshops are all individually owned and operated so whether or not they take antiques is totally at the discretion of the owner.

If you have an antique item that you’re let go of but aren’t sure whether a pawnbroker will buy it,  your best bet is to bring it in and ask! It makes our day when customers come in with interesting items we don’t see often or occasionally have never even seen before. The more rare, often the more desirable.

How to pawn antiques:

Know Your Item: Just knowing something is old and possibly valuable isn’t enough. Your best bet, of course, is to have documentation showing what the item is. Certificates of authenticity are ideal. Any information you have or know helps the pawnbroker determine the value.

Be upfront about damage:  Never try to hide flaws. We understand antiques are old. Bumps, dings, and breakage happen. It doesn’t mean the item becomes less valuable in many cases. This shows honesty and ethics, which makes us want to work with you on price.

Whatever you do, don’t clean it: Of the top worst things someone can do with an antique cleaning or polishing make that list. We cannot stress this point enough. You may inadvertently ruin the finish or destroy marks unique to the piece. These age marks and impressions are part of the piece’s character. Many times they add value. If the pawnbroker buys the item, they will have it professionally cleaned themselves.

Have realistic expectations: Going in with realistic expectations ensures you will not be let down. Yes, it may be worth something, but the shop has to be able to make a profit reselling it. Hopefully, you can come to a happy middle ground for both parties so the transaction can be completed.

We hope these antique pawning tips from First Pawn Jewelry & Loan in Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida have been helpful.

We will do our best to give you top dollar on anything of value that you bring in.

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