We are just exiting the 2019 holiday season. If you are like millions of American’s you may have gone a bit overboard celebrating Christmas. Gift buying is so much fun, it gives us a rush and sometimes that love we have for people can outweigh our financial sense causing us to run up credit card debt we maybe regret later.

January is sticker shock month. That bill arrives in the mail or in your email and you are blasted with a higher number than you realized you spent. Not to worry. That is where First Pawn Jewelry and Loan comes in. At First Pawn we deal in asset-based loans on a daily basis as well as flat out sales of gently used merchandise. Both options give you cash in hand to do with as you will. It most certainly can be used to pay off high-interest rate bills and get them cleared from your radar so your credit score doesn’t take a hit due to an elevated debt to available credit ratio.

Our suggestion: Many of us get some well-intentioned holiday gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza. It doesn’t mean that all of them are a good fit. If you do not happen to have the gift receipt or know what store they came from, bring them into First Pawn. If the items are something we stock and sell we will be happy to take a look, give you a fair price, and if we can make a deal we are both happy with you walk out one gift you don’t have to store somewhere in a closet lighter and with cash in hand to benefit you by helping you pay off the gifts you bought.

You may opt to sell the item outright (and of course, it doesn’t have to be a Christmas present. It can be any item you own of value) for cash and walk away ending the transaction OR you may pawn the item. Make a loan agreement, still, walk out with cash, and pay the loan back in small incremental payments over time. Once the loan obligation is fulfilled your item or items are returned and the contract ends.

Interested in some cash to recuperate from the holiday spending binge? Come see us today!

We will do our best to give you top dollar on anything of value that you bring in.

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