These days wearing jewelry is very common throughout the world. Though the style may change country to country and culture to culture, what we wear is pretty much the same. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even anklets, with of course additions here and there.

Jewelry is commonplace in every financial bracket. Adorning ourselves with pretty things makes us feel attractive and can be a mark of love or even be a status symbol at certain levels.

Jewelry stores have among the highest mark up of any retail good on the market. This is due in part to strong advertising campaign work that has seeped into our society over the years and become recognized as more fact than a gimmick. “Diamonds are forever”, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and so on. Diamond jewelry, in particular, has great value intrinsically because they are a rare stone, but also because of the air and the buzz manufactured around them. Used to celebrate a marriage they have become the go-to stone choice for engagement and wedding ring sets.

While we are all familiar with modern-day and even vintage jewelry, did you ever wonder where the practice of wearing jewelry started?

The word itself, jewelry comes from the Latin “jocale” meaning ‘plaything’. The first recording of jewelry was 40,000 years ago in Cro-Magnon times which predates Homosapiens. Their original jewelry was bone, teeth, and stones stitched to animal hide – bracelets and necklaces have been found and drawings translated.

Early jewelry was functional not just pretty. Often it was used to fasten clothing pieces together. That is where the modern-day broach originated.

Jewelry evolved into symbolic use as well. Religious metals and wedding rings were created showing relationship status and identifying one to their beliefs. In many regions, because gold and silver were so valued jewelry and the ability to wear it became status symbols – and just as gold and precious stones may have meant you were a higher up in the ranks of society, slave beads were often worn as s symbol of ownership. Royalty often wore elaborate crowns and tiaras signifying who they were in the kingdom. It was also created at times to help ward off evil spirits.

Design varied in different parts of the world to reflect the culture and the times just as they do today, styles change and shift. Today jewelry often still is a sign of status. The beauty of our current time is that jewelry is available to everyone in every social group. Style is a matter of personal choice and taste.

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