We all seem to have stuff in our homes that have been around for quite some time. It’s difficult sometimes to classify an object as either “vintage” “antique” or “old junk”. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all.

This comes into play often when an estate needs to be settled after someone passes away. The home and belongings are left to a relative who may or may not know the value of some of the former owner’s possessions.

This begs the question, “What makes something collectible?”

From old rare coins to Luis Vuitton bags, American’s love to collect things. People tend to collect what they love, what attracts them. Though some will collect purely based on potential accrual value over time. Collecting requires research and a grasp on the market for that object.

The answer to what makes something collectible is simple. Supply and demand.

The more something is sought after and becomes a “hot item”, the price gets driven up further. Barbies, Tonka Trucks, Lunch boxes, old record albums… all the things of the youth of our past generation are often considered collectibles because they are no longer made, hard to find, and wanted by those who had them as kids.

Collectible items seem to be linked to the mid 1950’s and up, anything before that is considered antique. These may include limited edition plates, dolls, ornaments, liquor bottles, firearms, and jewelry.

When an item is taken off the shelves and retired from production there is always a chance that it may be worth something someday. Then again, there is an awful lot out there that just ends up on the bargain shelf of a thrift shop. Collecting is a shot in the dark often, but when done for pleasure and out of love for an item it becomes worth it to the collector. Should their treasures be deemed valuable down the road? All the better.

Things that are numbered or limited edition are also likely to hold value, if not gain, over time. Art, sports memorabilia, prints, and more.

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