Pawnshops have long been a go-to for fast cash. What Pawnshops offer is priceless yet simple. They have the capital to offer you a loan in exchange for items of value (collateral) such as electronics, computers, jewelry, firearms, and collectibles.

When the loan is repaid you get your item back. If the loan is not repaid, no harm no foul, there is no credit reporting to bureaus or black marks against you. The shop simply now owns and keeps your item for resale.

How to get the most value when pawning items

Choose Your Valuable(s)! – The greater the item is in demand the higher the percentage rate of the value offered. Item value is based on market value (not original retail which contains a high mark up). The usual offer is between 10 to 40% of the value.

The reputation of the Pawnshop – Always choose a pawnshop that is well established in the community. Reputation is everything when it comes to pawnshops. They must be licensed by the local authorities. Using a licensed pawnbroker protects you if your item is lost while in their possession or stolen from the pawnbroker, as well as protecting you from fraud.

Come to an Agreement on Terms – Once you settle with the broker on the loan amount, loan length and interest charges they will then give you cash on the spot in return for holding the item and a signed loan agreement.

Ask About their Grace Period   This is the length of time they will hold your item after the loan period is up before it is put up for sale in the store. If you take out a loan for 30 days, with a 30-day grace period, the item can be sold after 60 days unless you pay off the loan and interest.

Make sure you get everything in writing. – Read the loan paperwork. That way there is no confusion. Never sign anything without reading the entire thing, especially a contract.

A pawn ticket should contain all details of the loan including maturity date and information about the item or items you are pawning. This should include any serial numbers as well as a description. You will receive a copy of this ticket.

Make the Payments – You may take possession back of your item at any time by paying the contracted amount of the loan with the interest.

Need more Time? ASK! – We understand that life happens. If you reach the end of your time frame and simply can’t pay right now, yet you don’t want to lose your valuable… please talk to us. You can extend the loan for another 30 or 60 days. (This may require an interest-only payment.)

Best Advice –

Make sure to keep your ticket as well as any other paperwork given to you by the shop. if you lose your ticket make sure to notify them right away. If you do not let the shop know, anyone who finds your ticket can claim your item simply by paying the loan.

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