When you go to the pawnshop with a valuable you have two choices – sell or pawn. If you sell you give up the item on the spot in exchange for agreed-upon cash value. You walk out cash in hand and that is the end of the transaction.

If you pawn the item you will agree on price, payout, and interest rate as well as terms and conditions. Once an agreement is reached a contract is drawn up.

Once signed, the contract to pawn your item or items the shop then takes temporary possession and they go into holding for safekeeping during the contract term. You are given a pawn receipt that is needed in order to claim the item for pick up.

Your items during that time are held in a secure insured location so if something should happen to them (such as a building fire or theft) you would be reimbursed.

Pay the loan as agreed and on the final payment, you get your item back free and clear. It is important never to borrow more than you really need or more than you believe you can pay back. If the debt is not paid back in the time allotted you may forfeit the item and it can be resold.

If you are having problems, please communicate with the pawnshop, at First Pawn we value our customers above any possible item and want to keep you coming back so we will do everything we can to work with you. Waiting till after the date of the expiration when the item has been put into stock and on the floor for sale may be too late.

First Pawn of Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida operates much like a bank that needs no credit check for many. It is easy fast access to cash when you need it most without any of the hassles of a traditional bank.

Give us a call today and get the cash you need!

First Pawn now has two locations right here in Southwest Florida – Lehigh Acres and Naples.

889 Airport Road South, Naples, Fl 34104 | 239-434-7296

1331 Homestead Rd N, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | 239-369-2274

We look forward to meeting you!

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