The world of diamonds is dazzling. It also can be confusing for potential buyers who are novice level when it comes to the world of precious stones.

Let’s start at the basic level. There are three types of diamonds.

  1. Natural diamonds (white and naturally occurring colors)
  2. Treated diamonds (white diamonds treated to turn colors)
  3. Synthetic diamonds (created in a lab)

Natural diamonds

These diamonds occur naturally deep within the earth. Diamonds take millions of years to form and are the hardest material known to man. They are good conductors of heat, which is why they are used for many industrial purposes. They are mined and acquired by reaching the mantle of the earth. Hence, they are very expensive.

Treated Diamonds

This category is also natural but humanly altered to create perfection and the desired color. It is rare to find a perfect flawless diamond, buyers may opt to chemically alter their diamond in order to conceal flaws while increasing the clarity grade so that it appears perfect and translucent.

Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are lab-created. The process replicates the natural process, just sped up. The same heat, pressure, and environment are exposed to the diamond as it would be in a natural environment. This method saves time and protects nature too. It is an excellent alternative to natural diamonds as nobody (except diamond professionals) can differ between these and natural diamonds. Also, the best part is that it is cost-efficient because natural diamonds cost a fortune!

Telling the difference between the three types as well as REAL vs. FAKE

The fundamental structure is the same for all three. The main observation is that the lab-created stones have almost no internal flaws in the structure. Natural stones will have small anomalies.

The water test: Drop the loose stone into a glass of water. If the stone sinks, it’s a real diamond. If it floats at all, it is not a real diamond. Real diamonds have a high density.

You cannot tell by the naked eye if it is lab-created or naturally occurring. This can only be done by a certified gemologist. A GIA grading report provides an assessment of color, cut, clarity, weight, and treatments undergone.

Diamonds are the hardest material on earth. Only a diamond can scratch a diamond… the glass test creates the possibility of a stone being the diamond, but not a guarantee. Rather than scratch up another diamond, bring it in and get it tested if you are uncertain.

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