If you are in the market for a piece of jewelry, chances are you are shopping around. Jewelry is not just a gift (either to yourself or others) it is an investment that can hold value. Because of this it takes on a slightly different level of importance when comparison shopping to get the best value, price, and of course the item you desired design wise in the first place.

No matter if you are shopping for an engagement ring, birthday gift, or other celebratory present jewelry buying, especially high end, is not an everyday occurrence. But just because you are excited and celebrating the moment doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to do it.

Shopping at pawn shops means you find the exact same high-quality gold, white gold, platinum, and precious stone pieces, just at a fraction of the original retail mark up.

The fact is: You get a better value for your dollar

Average jewelry markup is anywhere from 100% to a whopping 400%. You are paying for overhead, salaries, insurance, and the pleasure of shopping in a high end store. The truth of the situation though is that in the end, none of that matters to the person receiving the gift. The beauty, the sparkle, the quality, and the style are what count. It comes down to the question “Is it a high quality piece of jewelry that will hold value and stay beautiful over time?” Shopping at pawnshops is wise. You get the same pieces originally sold in these high end stores for a fraction of the cost and no one can tell the difference.

Reputation counts!

First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples, Florida has a stellar reputation for doing business the right way. We buy and sell with the best intentions giving customers great value all around. We have done so well in recent years we opened our second store in Lehigh Acres, Florida expanding our ability to serve Southwest Florida!

Should you buy your jewelry from a pawnshop?

That answer is a very easy YES. It is a win-win situation all around. Happy wallet and happy recipient. Come in today and see our selection. It is every changing and can range from the most ultra-modern designs to vintage piece that are timeless and no longer found anywhere else. That is part of the fun. You just never know what you may be able to pick up for a pretty penny!

If you have any questions about the pawn process or would like to move forward getting a loan in Florida, look to First Pawn Jewelry and Loan with our two locations in Naples and Lehigh Acres.

889 Airport Road South, Naples, Fl 34104 | 239-434-7296

1331 Homestead Rd N, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | 239-369-2274

We look forward to meeting you!

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