We all know that tradition dictates that when you intend to ask a woman to be your betrothed in holy matrimony it is customary to offer her a ring signaling engagement. Not only to her but to her friends, family, and most importantly to ward off other potential suitors.

Where and when did that tradition begin? Jewelry stores and craftsmen have been around a very long while but certainly not since the beginning of time and surprisingly diamonds have not always been the signifying go to stone for an engagement ring.

A Little History


The first wedding rings date back all the way to Egypt, 5000 years ago. Couples weaved hemp around their fingers to signify marriage. Early American settlers felt the bands were pointless and impractical. Thimbles instead were exchanged. Over time the trend became to cut the tops off and that created the first wedding bands.


Diamonds didn’t become trendy until the 1930s. DeBeers is responsible for the popularity of diamonds. Their ad campaigns made them seem rare and sought after. It was DeBeers who created the four C’s (Carat, cut, clarity, and color) by which we still go today in deciding the price of a stone. The result was a belief that diamonds equated to love and if your husband to be loved you, a diamond he would buy you.


Men’s wedding bands only date back as far as WW2. Soldiers and military began wearing them as a reminder of their wives back home.

While here in the USA we wear our wedding and engagement bands on our left hands, many countries around the world actually wear them on the right hand.


Other Jewelry as Gifts

Other occasions besides weddings and engagements have come to be known for gifts of gems and precious metals.


Graduations – a time of transformation, watches are often given as are pearls to symbolize passage of time into adulthood.


Birth of a new baby – Diamond earrings are the traditional “push gift” – stackable rings with baby’s birth stone are also common.


Anniversaries – Diamond eternity bands win the race every time, but any and all jewelry is loved and appreciated in remembrance, celebration, and love.


Valentine’s Day – Make your feelings known. Heart jewelry is popular of course but go with her style and find a piece she will adore and think of you with every time she wears it.


Christmas – Everyone loves jewelry at Christmas. Pay attention to people’s individual styles and you will be a big hit under the Xmas tree.


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