The In’s and Out’s of How To Sell Used Camera Equipment

No matter where you live photography is a popular hobby as well as profession. Though nearly everyone has a camera phone these days, good quality trained photographers are always in demand.

Even semi pro and amateur photographers who take the art seriously can end up investing a lot of money into good quality photo equipment (the cameras themselves, lenses, filters, flashes, memory cards, back drops, studio builds, lighting, and so much more). The upgrades are literally endless and along with that these days comes digital editing equipment – computers, scanners, Wacom tablets, expensive photo editing software and again, endless upgrades.

It can be a very expensive hobby and or profession. At times you have to reevaluate what you are using and sell some and gather funds to buy the more updated versions. That doesn’t mean at all that what you have currently isn’t still desired by many, that is why selling in order to upgrade occasionally is a great idea to stay fresh and current with your technology.



Step 1. Cleaning

Before selling give all pieces a thorough cleaning. The better the presentation the more the offer price. Make sure to wipe with microfiber cloths so it doesn’t scratch.

  1. Be Organized

If you are selling more than one item, make sure you have all the parts and pieces labeled and with the right items and that they are complete. No cords missing, no cards missing, no lenses, cases or straps gone.


Estimate Your Pricing

You will want to know not only the original price you bought it for but the current fair value market price which is what you will likely be offered. That way an offer doesn’t come as sticker shock when you were remembering how much you paid full retail a few years ago.

Where to sell Used Cameras and Gear

You have several options.


There are many online buying apps and sites. The problem is it take a lot of time and wasted energy. Buyers can be flakey at best. They may agree to a sale and yet never pay or worse never show up to a meeting. Not to say that it can’t be done. It just takes time and effort to find the right buyers.

To sell your items this way, you’ll need to create an attractive product listing to market your gear. For starters, it is a good idea to include good quality photos of items from all angles. For specialized gear, you may also wish to include examples of photos you have taken using the gear so that buyers know what results to expect.

If there is any damage, even just a scratch on the outside that doesn’t affect the item’s operation, be sure to note it in your listing. Aim to be as transparent as possible to ensure your buyers won’t be dissatisfied with the item when they receive it. Your listing should also include all relevant information, including brand and model name, a description of the item’s condition, and anything else you think your buyers might need to know.

One drawback to this method, though, is that you’ll have to ship your gear to buyers. So be aware of shipping costs!

Camera Shops

To avoid having to pay for shipping, you also have the option of selling used camera gear to a camera store that offers second-hand items. Many camera repair shops also provide this service. Keep in mind that the store you choose will still have to make a profit when selling your item later on, so expect to get a lower price than you would if you sold your camera gear on your own.

A key benefit of selling your items to a store is that you’ll be able to get the money right away. You won’t have to wait for someone to find and buy your item online, and you won’t have to deal with marketing your items or shipping them.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are known for buying a wide range of gently used previously owned items, including used cameras. Pawn Brokers are knowledgeable about specialized items and have a good idea of their value.

You should expect to bargain on price. The pawnshop will make you an offer based on retail market value as well as what they feel they should be able to sell it for in the store. Your offer will be slightly less than that as they need to make a profit. If you don’t feel the offer is fair you are welcome to haggle. If an agreed up on price is reached, then the transaction will be completed in a matter of minutes and you will walk out with cash in hand.

One major benefit of selling to a pawn shop is that you also have the option to pawn your items rather than sell and lose ownership. This is a way to get extra cash while still maintaining the option to buy back your items at a later date. If you change your mind, simply let the store know and don’t buy back the item. The contract will terminate and the store will retain ownership of the item.

Before You Sell

Make sure the camera and items are fully functional on all settings, If something doesn’t work please make it known at the time of sale.

Sell Your Used Camera Equipment with First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres

If you have used camera gear lying around that you are looking to get rid of we will gladly take them off your hands and give you a fair price for your items. Our pawn shop buys a wide range of items, including camera equipment, and our knowledgeable associates will work with you to come to a suitable price arrangement.


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