Times are tough right now.

Many people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19/The Coronavirus and the resulting business closures. The future of America is uncertain. For the majority it has been a wake up call not only to try to be grateful for what we do have but to tighten our belt loops and buckle down financially and make plans for the worst while hoping and expecting the best.

This means scaling back our budgets and tucking money away for a rainy day. One of the best ways to do that is to alter your shopping habits. Most of us when something springs to mind when need or want, we automatically think retail store.

That’s purely response and social conditioning. Many things we buy, and use do not lose quality or value once they walk out of the store. That is where pawn, consignment, and thrift shops come in.

You would be amazed the amount of money you can save with very minimal effort and a little creativity. Thrift and consignment shops are the place to find gently used clothing at a small fraction of the original cost, but when it comes to things like tools, musical instruments, sporting goods, exercise equipment, jewelry, watches, computers, iphones, androids, ipads, tablets, laptops, and even home protection firearms, pawnshops are the #1 hot spot to pick up these sometimes big ticket items at a cost that doesn’t break the bank leaving you more money for that much needed nest egg.

On the flip side, Pawnshops are also a great source of cash when you need it most. You would be amazed at the treasures people have tucked away in a drawer, tossed in a closet, or just collecting dust. Why not clear out some space, bring in your valuables and let us see if we can make you an offer you can’t refuse.

If you are in the Southwest Florida area, we have two locations in Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida and we would love to see you in our shops!

889 Airport Road South, Naples, Fl 34104 | 239-434-7296

1331 Homestead Rd N, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | 239-369-2274

We look forward to meeting you!






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