First Pawn can make you an offer to buy or front you a loan on nearly any valuable item you own.

We are dedicated to helping Southwest Florida residents as a buyer and collateral based lender helping convert non liquid assets into cold hard cash.

Appraisal price vs. actual selling price – something to keep in mind.

While First Pawn Jewelry and Loan make every effort to get you the most money on your valuables its important to realize that retail and or appraisal price are not the same as the sale offer price. Here is why:

Having the GIA certificate and the appraisal certainly do help boost value and make the transaction even faster, however, the offer price will not match the appraised amount. The appraisal amount is the full expected retail value. That is with mark up. Jewelry stores have huge mark ups. Many appraisal values are used for insurance purposes.  So, while your ring may be appraised at $10,000.00 that doesn’t mean you will be able to sell it for that much.

Selling to a private party you may come closer, but the value there is in the perceived design value and love of the piece not the actual concrete value. When retail stores buy goods, they buy them at wholesale and mark up two, three, and in the jewelry business even four times the cost.

They get these deals because they buy in bulk and have contracts with businesses who sell at wholesale to do more business with them in the future.

That could make that $10,000.00 example ring at wholesale cost $2500. That is closer to the likely offer price offer you may receive. Every piece is different. Offers are based on metal quality, stone grade and clarity, as well as sellability – How in style is your piece and will it be likely to sell if we place it in our showcases.

We are happy to take a look at any and all pieces you are considering parting with. We have an in-house master jeweler on staff who is an expert in his field and can get you the best offer possible. 

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We look forward to meeting you!

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