When it comes to collections people’s choices and reasons are very personal to them. While some collect purely for future value increases, most collect because of a passion they have for certain items.

We asked clients over the years what it was that they collected and got some interesting answers:

Antique Furniture – Even in this fairly modern area of Southwest Florida there is many antique lovers. It can be funky and fun to add a piece here and there throughout the home, adding areas of interest and conversation starting points.

Records – If you have older music that you love vinyl may be the way to go. The original recordings played the way they were intended. Store them properly and they may just be worth a small fortune one day.

Comic Books – The more pristine the state, the higher the value. Never read and in the sleave fetches the highest price.

Coins and outdated or foreign paper money –This collectible requires knowledge and research. You could have a very rare coin and not even know it, same goes for paper money. Many countries over the years have devalued currency when the government changes over. Some of those bills are worth quite a bit. If you have coins or paper money and think they might be worth something bring them in and let us take a look, we might even make you an offer.

Trading cards – Baseball cards are one of the most sought after, collected, and traded, but other cards such as the original Magic The Gathering also fetch a good price too. Again, with cards, as with comic books, mint condition is considered most valuable. Scratches, tears, bends, all devalue the decks and individual cards.

Dolls and vintage toys – dolls can be valuable, or you may end up saving them for years to no avail. There is just no way to know. The best bet is to collect what you enjoy. Value is not always based in money. That said the original Barbie doll sold for auction at a price of just over $27,000.

Wine – Wine is always better with age. Proper storage is essential to maintain the integrity of a collection. Some fine wines can be worth as much as a house. Some will end up worthless. Wine is an area of collection that requires quite a bit of study.

Stamps – While this may seem like a bygone era collection there are now more stamp collectors than ever before. Stamps are amazing little pieces of art and history in one tiny square. Some end up very rare and very valuable.

Fine Art – Art is most assuredly in the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to one may be awful to another. Collections of fine art require time, dedication, luck, perseverance, and a good budget. You never know when you may end up running into a valuable piece at a yard sale or antique show. People often do not realize what they have and you can get a steal of a deal.

Jewelry – The wearable collectible that holds value over time. This is one of our personal favorites. We love jewelry. So much so that we employ a full time Master Jeweler right here in house at First Pawn Jewelry and loan. You can get your items repaired or even bring us broken pieces to sell or pawn. They still hold value in metal and stone as well as in design if it is a vintage or designer piece.

We would love to see what you collect. If you are interested in possibly parting ways with a piece or two bring them on in and let’s have a conversation.

We look forward to seeing you in our showrooms! We are open!

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