Despite all the chaos in the country right now, life does go on. Technology advances and people still need to work, socialize even if its virtually, and live life.

Technology changes so fast. Buying the latest greatest iPhone or computer is a kin to buying a piece of fruit. It starts going bad the moment you get it. Not to say that your media isn’t well made, but there is always a developer working on an upgrade or working out the newest latest greatest invention which will ultimately make your version obsolete.

This technological frenzy can get expensive. Upgrading, trading in, and now phone companies have even convinced many of us that signing a contract for years in order to get these devices is a great idea. Once they have you, they have you for a while. The new iPhone 12 for example retail is around $1200. Many of us don’t have it to shell out of our pockets.

This is the beauty of First Pawn Jewelry and Loan.

We have a couple of ways to keep you out of these pricy phone contracts. Rather than get sucked into the AT&T or Verizon vortex and stuck there, come take a look at the unlocked phones we have in the shop. We often carry various models of recent iPhones as well as Androids. Occasionally we do even get a few brand new 12’s in. Which of course we sell at less than retail as well.

If you are dead set on that brand-new model and we don’t happen to have one in stock, you can bring in your old phone and let us make you an offer. You can also see what other valuable items you may have laying unused around your home and bring those as well. Who knows? You may just walk out with enough to cover that new device outright and not have to sign onto any lengthy contract.

We buy and sell technology daily and our shelves are always stocked – Laptops, desktops, Mac, PC, Kindle, iPhones, iPads, you name it, we likely have it.

Stop on by and check out our selection!

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