If you have items you are looking to sell pawnshops and Craigslist are two of your best options.

While there are many trading and selling apps out there on the market these days for free download on your phone, the problem often is the buyers they seem to attract. We hear horror stories every day from our customers about wasted time, non-answered messages, people who set a time to pick up merchandise and are never heard from again. If you need money fast, we do not recommend them.

Craigslist seems to be slightly more responsive. There are always people on there looking for great deals. You likely can sell your items there, but again it takes some time and attention. There are also some other downfalls that are often overlooked so we wanted to point them out and save you some potential trouble in your dealings.

Speed – This is the most obvious one. You post the ad. You wait. It could be an hour, or it might be weeks. You just don’t know. It is very hit and miss. Pawn shops you walk in, the item is valuated, an offer is made, and you can be out the door in short order.

Security – You have no way to know who you are meeting or worse yet inviting to your front door. 100+ murders have been traced back to Craigslist through the years. With pawn shops it is a neutral professional retail establishment.

More Options! – Unlike Craigslist or Apps, at a pawn shop, as the name implies, you can choose to pawn the item. Pawning means to allow the store to hold your item as collateral for a loan. Once that loan is paid off you can have the item back! Free and clear.

Convenience – You pick the time that is most convenient for you. No waiting on anyone to show up. The transaction is quick and easy, and you leave happy with your cash in hand.

Long Term Mutually Beneficial Business Relationship – Pawn shops are always searching for new stock. They deal in a wide variety of items like jewelry, musical instruments, clothing, electronics, coins, and much more. That means that if you find a local pawn shop such as First Pawn Jewelry and loan, who pays you well for your items, you can create a long-term business relationship with the shop owners and staff. Craigslist and app buyers are just looking to buy that one item. There is no ongoing anything.

So, before you go listing your items on Craigslist or downloading an app… if you live in the Naples or Lehigh Acres are of Southwest Florida, stop on in to First Pawn Jewelry and Loan and let us make you an offer on the spot.

Visit us online at www.firstpawn.com to learn more or come see us in person at one of our two convenient locations:

889 Airport Road South, Naples, FL 34104 | 239-434-7296

1331 Homestead Rd N, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | 239-369-2274





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