Choosing Exactly the Right Engagement Ring

When you know you have found “the one” and are ready to pop the question, the next decision you need to make is in finding exactly the right engagement ring.

This is no small task unless you are lucky enough to have had your fiancé to be have happened to drop a hit here or there about the kind of jewelry they would like. This is a ring that will be worn from the day of the wedding onwards hopefully for the rest of your lives so its not the ordinary take a guess kind of gift.

Questions to look at:
Do they wear more gold or silver in their everyday jewelry?

*If gold, yellow gold may be ideal. If silver you have the options of silver, white gold, and platinum.

Do the shapes seem to be more rounded or squared off?

*There are many cuts of diamonds and stones to explore: Round can include – Round Brilliant, Anchor, Heart, Trillian, Oval, and even Pear or Tear Drop, Square may include – Princess, Emerald, Baguette, and even Bullet shaped.

Do they like Diamonds or would another stone or a stone less ring be preferable?

*Though the traditional ring choice is diamonds, engagement rings are completely personal in style choice.

Are they hard on jewelry? (do that have a manual job that requires your hands to be in and out of chemicals or banged around roughly)

*If so, you may want to choose more of a designer eternity band style which is flat without the big solitaire stone which sometimes can get caught on things and pull your finger. While those work well for most, they are not ideal for everyone. They are also a unique and timeless style choice.

No matter what your to be betrothed’s style – here at First Pawn we love nothing more than helping someone choose a fantastic wedding set and ring.




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