Love is in the air. It’s time to give some attention to our primary relationships. Those we love need to feel appreciated by us and what better time to make that happen than for Valentine’s Day?

When flowers, wine, and chocolate are all lovely but traditional and expected. Why not step outside of the box a bit this year and really consider who the gift is for? Their likes, dislikes, hobbies, lifestyle, what really makes them tick?

Boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or special someone we have all kinds of interesting things. Jewelry, watches, chains, game consoles, ipads, computers, movies, laptops, gifts with some thought behind them from the heart and items that can be used time and time again are where it’s at. Flowers wilt, chocolates are gone in short order and drinks come and go.

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable. If you want to do the traditional route and add candy and flowers great but adding just that little something special that can be worn or used year-round gives the gift gusto.

Go for the Gold!

Or the silver, platinum, or… well you get the picture. Looking for something special? We now have two convenient locations in Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida for you to come browse and if you have something in mind please feel free to call ahead to check stock and save yourself a trip.

The beauty of finding a perfect gift at a pawn shop is not only convenience but price. With the money saved you can also spring for a lovely dinner out on the town! Make Valentine’s Day 2021 a holiday to remember.

Shop at First Pawn Jewelry and Loan! www.firstpawn.com

We have two convenient Southwest Florida locations

889 Airport Road South, Naples, Fl 34104 | 239-434-7296

1331 Homestead Rd N, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | 239-369-2274

*We also buy on a regular basis so if you have diamonds or jewelry you are interested in trading in, selling, or upgrading, NOW is a great time to do just that. We always need more stock for Valentine’s Day buyers!

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