Need some fast cash but aren’t sure what to pawn? We thought we would simplify it for you and give you an inside look at what we pay the top dollar for most often and are always in need of.

Watches and Jewelry

We love jewelry. You never know what a customer is going to bring in. Designer pieces, antique, vintage, new and modern, we love them all. Gold, diamonds, precious stones, watches, chains, necklaces, rings, we have amassed quite the collection. We are happy to buy or pawn pieces for you. Often times people have jewelry boxes full of random stuff and are surprised at just how valuable some pieces actually are.

Smart Devices and Electronics

Electronics are always in demand. Older model laptops, desktops, tablets, game consoles, video games, iPhones, iPads, music players, and more. Everyone is always in the market for a better deal. Parents on a budget looking to keep their kids entertained or able to connect to online learning find shopping First Pawn’s selection a real money saver.

Firearms and Home Protection

In case you didn’t know, firearms hold value better than just about any other items you could bring into pawn or sell. They don’t have to be new. You may get more for an antique piece that has been well cared for over a brand-new model from the most well respected brands as long as you choose the right pawn shop.

Sports and Hobby Equipment

Sporting goods, musical instruments, and other tools and equipment are always in demand. Kids and adults both love sports and learning the art of playing an instrument. Tools, retail, are expensive. Buying second hand at a pawn shop, all tools have been inspected and tested. They are of great quality at a fraction of the cost.

Power Tools

Garage or workbench full of tools you no longer use? Stop the clutter and make some money off of them instead by bringing them to First Pawn.

The more popular brands you will get top dollar on include Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Bosch. Remember if you want to make the most money stick to valuable power tools and full sets of things. We do not buy random screwdrivers or wrenches.

Already have a pile of stuff ready to go? Don’t waste another minute letting it collect dust by your doorway or have to wait till tax season to try and use it as a donation write off. Make money now.

Our Professional Pawn Brokers at First Pawn Jewelry and Loan are so excited to see what you’ve got to offer us, so please, come on down and pay us a visit today!

With two convenient locations available right here in Southwest, Florida.

889 Airport Road South, Naples, Fl 34104 | 239-434-7296

1331 Homestead Rd N, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | 239-369-2274



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