Ever Wonder What Makes a Rolex So Expensive?

Everyone knows the name Rolex. There is an air of elegant mystery around them. Known for their value and precision Rolex’s elite prices are easily justified by their in depth research and development process as well as the streamlined high quality craftsmanship that goes into every single time piece.

A Rolex’s inner workings are comparable to the engine of a fine German car engine. It is the heart of the mechanics which require an incredible amount of testing, which leads to extremely high R&D costs. Both money and time are needed to test a Rolex to make sure it meets the standard.

The Deep Sea Dweller model is guaranteed down to 12,000 feet below sea. That is no easy testing matter, the amount of engineering it takes to get a watch to function flawlessly underwater at that pressure is pure genius.

Material Science

Another factor that adds to their allure is the R&D of material science. Just one example of this process is the testing that going into the balance spring. Rolex engineers tested over 100 materials in choosing the most effective one to create the most accurate spring balance.  Rolex does not brag about these processes nor advertise how much work goes into their watches, however, in their silence lies smooth undisputed quality as they are known as the most pristine recognized brand in the world of luxury watches.

Rolex’s Handmade Manufacturing Process

Every Rolex Watch is made by hand and the minute parts that go into each one have a high failure rate during manufacturing. Along the assembly process, all Rolex’s are polished and finished with care by hand as well. Combined with the fact that the Swiss people have the highest labor cost in the world, and voila, ergo you’ve got the price of a Rolex.


The top quality materials selected also add to the value and durability. Rolex watches are built to stand the test of time. While most watch brands, even some luxury brands, opt for cheaper materials and metals, Rolex will never make sacrifices.

Let’s take a look at the metal that most luxury watches use, 316L steel. 316L steel is far above what Nixon, Casio, and Citizen watches use. Rolex again stands ahead of the pack by utilizing only 904L steel. This steel is harder, has a better gloss to it, though it is exceedingly expensive and difficult to work with. White gold is always used to construct the hour markers on the dial, the scratch proof bezel is ceramic, and the sandblasted numbering on the face of the watch is platinum.

Comparing the cost

When comparing a Rolex to a Tag Heuer or Omega, the prices might be the same however with a Rolex you are getting far more for your money. Rolex melts their own gold and steel in house allowing them to be able to control every aspect of the manufacturing process. They have exclusive distribution channels across the globe. Rolex manufactures 700,000 to 1,000,000 watches per year and are able to price themselves competitively because of it.

The name Rolex is truly the mark of a world class time piece.

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