When it comes to jewelry and time pieces most people have a preference as to metal. Platinum, Silver, White Gold, all lay on the silvery light cool side of tone. Yellow Gold and Rose gold fall into the warmer color wearers. Your choice may lay in pure personal preference or with which goes better with your skin tone and hair color.

What is white gold?

In nature there is no such thing as actual white gold. There is only Gold. Platinum was the only lighter metal of that hardness, quality, and desirability. The problem was, for many, the price. Platinum is more expensive than gold because it is 30x rarer and more mined much less than gold. It is also a heavier denser metal.

In order to try and bridge this gap in price and style white gold was invented. The purpose was to mimic platinum at a cheaper price point. White gold is plated. It contains 75% gold, and 25% nickel/zinc plating. This 75/25 ratio is stamped 18k, which translates out to 75% gold.

Interestingly, a piece of 18K yellow gold and a piece of 18K white gold have the same percentage of gold. The yellow gold may be slightly less expensive because of the manufacturing process the white gold must go through on its way to becoming jewelry items.

Where did it come from?

This interesting beautiful and coveted finding and creation was found in 1710 by Johan Frierich Bottger and Ehrenfried Walther Von Tcshirnhaus alchemists in Germany. Back then it had a grey finish to it. The shiny metal we know these days came into play in 1920 when they added in a higher amount of nickel.

White gold today is very popular. Designer styles and fashions often duplicate every design in both white and yellow gold.

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