Do Pawn Shops in Naples Florida Buy Coins and Currency?

First Pawn Jewelry and Loan is one of the best-kept secrets in Southwest Florida for buyers and sellers of all kinds of collectibles. First Pawn has been a staple in the community for years and is well known and trusted with a great reputation. We love our community and support both buyers and sellers.


We have worked hard to earn the trust of collectors when they want to sell, buy, or pawn coins and currency. Keep reading to learn more about how pawn shops buy coins and currency.



Perhaps you have recently inherited or found a coin or currency collection and are not sure where to get top dollar for them or what they are worth at all. This is a very common situation that we often encounter at First Pawn Jewelry and Loan.


Manny will automatically assume that coin and currency collections must have some value. While this is true, not every coin will be what every shop is looking to stock. The reasons why a pawn shop will not accept a certain coin or currency can vary.


Not all pawn shops are created equal.


Each shop is as unique as the owners and staff so be sure to do your research and if you aren’t happy with an offer, go somewhere else before selling.


Not every pawn shop will buy coins and currency for various reasons; some are unable to verify if a coin or note is authentic and will not take the risk of trying to resell counterfeit merchandise. Others might already have a healthy stock of coins and currency and cannot take on more coins until they sell existing stock.



Coins and currency are two of the easiest items to get ready to sell or pawn. Both are expected to show some wear and tear over the years. Circulated money gets handled. It may have small scratches or tears and still be very valuable. The better the condition, the higher the offer, but small flaws won’t toss you out of the ballpark.


Even if you do not know your coins’ history or value, be prepared to answer questions about how you obtained the coins or currency, or about the coins themselves. The more information available the more easily a valuation is made.


Have realistic expectations. Do your own searches beforehand and have an idea in mind when you go in. The more knowledgeable you are, the better able you will be to recognize a fair offer when your pawnbroker makes one. It happens too often where sellers expect full market retail value for their coins and currency when the truth of the matter is pawnshops do not buy at retail price. They need to be able to turn a profit on the items they take it.


Most coins will bring on an offer likely around the price of melted metal. Rest assured that when you work with First Pawn, we will do everything we can to get you the best price possible. We research each coin and bill to make sure you get a fair offer.


We know that there are options when it comes time to sell your coin and currency collection. Unlike other sales outlets such as auction sites that add on lots of fees and additional charges, you will get your full value in cash when you sell to your local pawn shop.


When you are looking for pawn shops in the Southwest Florida area to sell your coins and currency, it may become overwhelming. There are pawnshops in every neighborhood throughout the Upland community, so we understand that it may be a difficult choice.


Why You Would Do Well to Sell to First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Southwest, Florida

  • In-house experts – First Pawn is only one of a few pawnshops nationwide to have a full-time jeweler on hand. If you are wondering what a jeweler has to do with coins and currency, it’s actually pretty simple: in many cases, coins that are sold to pawn shops are melted down for the value of their metals. Our in-house jeweler can recognize the precious metals’ quality in your coins and make you the best offer possible.
  • A history of reliability – First Pawn Jewelry and Loan has become a trusted source for people all over Florida. Visit us today to quickly see why we are the pawnshop of choice for all your selling, buying, and pawning needs. 

We love coins and currency here at First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres, Florida.

If you have coins or bills you may want to part with for the right price or are in the market for something new and wonderful to wear stop in and see us. We would love to help!

With two convenient locations available right here in Southwest, Florida.

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