If you are thinking about taking out a pawn loan it is important to know and understand how they work, what the advantages are as well as the potential disadvantages.

The Difference Between Selling and Pawning

When you go to a pawnshop with an item you have two options. You can opt to sell which transfers ownership outright to the pawnbroker for the agreed-on sale price. This option is permanent. The other option is to pawn your item. This option entails an exchange of goods for money on a loan. Once that loan is paid back your valuables are returned.

In both cases there is no credit check involved so there is no potential red tape like you would have at a bank or other lender.  Your FICO score does not matter. If you have collateral built into an item you own, we are happy to offer you a loan against it.

Our goal is never to keep your possessions. We are happy to work with you should anything unexpected arise during the contracted term, just please keep in good communication with us. What we want out of the transaction on our end is a satisfied customer who will come back time and time again and think of First Pawn Jewelry and Loan when they need cash fast.

Word of mouth advertising is the very best form of marketing, so it is very much a mutually beneficial relationship we enter into with each loan. Referrals and online reviews have made our business. We have a stellar reputation in the Southwest Florida communities of Naples, Cape Coral, Lehigh, Marco Island, Estero, and Bonita Springs.

We Believe in Transparency

The only potential downside to pawning would come in if you chose not to fulfil your contract. If you do not repay your loan on time AND we do not hear from you in regard to possibly extending your loan we assume that the item is forfeited.

When a pawn loan ends, and an item is not picked up and paid for it becomes property of the pawn shop. It will be held for a certain period of time and then it will go into stock for sale.

Pawn Loans are an Easy Quick Alternative to Bank Loans

Even if you have good credit applying for loans pulls your credit report every single time. With each inquiry it adds a “ding” to your report which knocks it down a few points lower than it was originally. These pulls stay on your credit report for years and if you have too many of them, they can become a problem causing other lenders in the future to deny you credit.

Pawn Loans Make Life Simple, Quick, and Easy

Need cash?

Grab your valuable items and come see us whether you are ready to part with them or just want us to hold them for you for a bit.

We have two convenient locations right here in Southwest Florida.

889 Airport Road South, Naples, Fl 34104 | 239-434-7296

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