The world is a volatile place. Since the election, the economy is in the tank and getting worse by the day. We are once again outsourcing to other countries and putting Americans out of jobs. Prices have risen on gas, lumber, food, and there is even a shortage on cars for sale – new and used and the cost of rentals is skyrocketing.

Absolutely nothing is certain anymore. With uncertainty comes fear. Combine fear with constant reinforcement by media and you have the perfect storm for those who fall victim to this economic pandemic to feel forced to take drastic measures. This often is leading to an increase being seen in crime rates.

What you can do

Be educated and be prepared.

Self defense can take many forms. From the basic level of learning to be more aware of your surroundings when you are out and about, having your keys out before you get to your car so you aren’t fumbling around in your purse, looking people in the eye as they pass you, not being wrapped up in your phone while walking, to carrying mace or pepper spray, or learning to shoot and getting your CCW (concealed carry weapon) license.

Even if you aren’t confident enough in your marksmanship abilities having a firearm in your home is a good idea. Should someone try to break into your home, what would you do? Yes, you can call 911 but the average response time in collier county is approximately 15 minutes.

A lot can happen in 15 minutes. By all means, yes, call them. But have a plan of action as well.

If you are going to keep firearms in your home and you have children, make sure they are locked away securely where you can easily access them, but your kids cannot.

Make sure your guns are in good working order, cleaned, and loaded. Trying to load a clip when you are in a state of panic is incredibly difficult and the time needed could cost you.

Practice: take time to go to the range and fire so that you are confident and as accurate as possible.

In Florida you have every right to defend your home, your life, and your family. The moment an intruder steps foot inside of your home the Castle Doctrine takes effect.

Ammo is in short supply. Stock up now.

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Looking for a certain type of ammo?

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