What’s in Your Closet!?

Over the course of a lifetime a lot can be collected. This is especially true if you have an affinity for older interesting items. While we may love and enjoy them, if a time comes where selling is necessary or wanted the question then may turn away from sentimental value and more towards the monetary end of the spectrum.

You may find yourself asking the question “Is my item worth anything, and if so, how much?”

Value is a speculative thing. Any item is really only worth the amount you can get someone to pay you for it. A good guideline is to really dig around and find out how much other similar items may be selling for.

Antiques are items that are 100 years old or more. The rarer they are the better chance of a higher value. If it isn’t rare, it is more likely simply considered a second hand good. When buying and selling antiques knowing as much about the item as possible can help considerably.

There are specialized books on certain subjects such as glassware, clocks, dolls, and more, you can browse antique sites online, auction sites and see what items are not just listing for but if people are placing bids. (sellers can ask a price of anything they want, it doesn’t mean someone is going to buy it).

Antiques and collectible items tend to be:

  • Well-crafted and have held their condition
  • Have historical value
  • Look good visually still
  • Remain functional

Older items that likely do not have monetary value tend to be:

  • Poorly constructed
  • Outdated electronically
  • Not in good shape
  • Hold no historical value
  • Are broken or damaged

If you have an item or items in question do not hesitate to bring them in to First Pawn Jewelry and Loan. While we are not professional Antique Appraisers (to which you will pay $100+ an hour for an official appraisal) we have seen a lot throughout the years and have acquired a pretty in-depth extensive knowledge base that we use to value items we decide to buy for our stores.

If we like what we see we will make you an on-the-spot fair offer.
Should you choose to accept, you can walk out with cash in hand.

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