We want your guns!

Yes, we want your guns, but not for the same reasons the government does. We don’t want to take them away from you, we just want the extras you don’t shoot or practice with. If you have models laying around in your secured drawers or gun safes, get them out and bring them in to put extra cash in your pockets. You may also be interested in trading up! That is an option as well.

While we are only halfway through 2021 we wanted to be able to give you some idea if you are in the market to sell some of your firearms collection because we are in the market to buy.

Home and self-defense are hot-ticket items right now thanks to the political atmosphere here in the United States. While we have always bought and sold guns and ammo here in Southwest Florida (Naples and Lehigh Acres in particular) there has never been a more active time than now.

Pawn offers based on 2020 data gun owners from across the country

Maximum gun pawn value: $925

Average gun pawn value: $305

Condition, model, make, number already in stock, availability, and original price all come into play when it comes to pricing firearms. Newer higher-end models sell for higher prices than older low-range guns.

Here are a few highs and lows to give you an idea of probable pricing:

BRAND                                 Min. Value                Average Pawn Value

Beretta                                 $100                             $262

Colt                                        $80                               $420

Sig Sauer                             $40                               $310

Glock                                     $100                             $250

Mossberg                            $50                               $125

Ruger                                    $50                               $175

*Prices based on Pawn Guru 2020 data set

We have a wide selection in-house and in stock, ever-changing along with top brands in ammo available! We are a proud supporter of the second amendment and your right to defend your home, self, and family.

Visit us at two convenient locations:

889 Airport Rd. South, Naples, FL 34104 | 239-343-7296

1331 Homestead Rd. N., Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | 239-369-2274






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