So. You took the plunge. You popped the question, bought a ring, and got engaged.  It can be a very exciting time in our lives. But what happens when things don’t end up working out?

It can happen either before the wedding nullifying the engagement or any time during the marriage itself, ending in divorce. No one likes to think about this, but it is a fact of life that here in the United States 50% of marriages end in divorce.

While its proper etiquette to return an engagement ring before the wedding takes place if you call it off, if you get divorced, the ring is considered a “pre-marriage gift” and legally you are not required to give it back.

One way or another – one of you is left with an expensive piece of jewelry and no one to wear it.

This is the beauty of pawn shops. If you have shopped with First Pawn Jewelry and Loan and gotten your rings from us, you did not pay an inflated retail price to start with so chances are you are not out a boatload of money (or at least not nearly what you could have been if you had shopped one of the major retail diamond outlets here in Southwest Florida.).

On the flip side of that, many jewelry stores have very limited return policies, and you likely cannot return it for a full refund. They also do not buy back jewelry so that leaves you, holding the box. At First Pawn, we love preowned jewelry. It only depends on the quality of the metal, craftsmanship, stones, and brand name. We will make you an offer based solely on the ring, its value, and what we believe we can sell it for again in our showrooms.

With First Pawn, buy, sell, or – if you do want to hang on to it and just need some cash temporarily, you can also opt to pawn it, pay back the loan and reclaim the ring.

We hope your relationships bloom into something wonderful that lasts a lifetime, but we are here for you no matter what.



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