What’s in YOUR jewelry Box?

No two people have the same style or taste. This is especially evident when it comes to jewelry selections. As we go through life, we tend to accumulate a collection. It can begin in childhood, have additions with birthdays, holidays, and even anniversaries as we get older. Engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, earrings, necklaces, even pins, broaches, and cufflinks.

rings diamonds jewelry naples pawn first pawnWe often end up with a very interesting jewelry box collection. As we get up there in years we begin to think about our possessions and who we might leave them to when we pass. Daughters, sons, grandchildren and other friends and family may be left these keepsakes in a will.

The sentiment is beautiful. It’s a gift and a token of love, one you can always treasure because it truly is the thought that counts. The reality though is that often times though we love the person who has passed and treasure their memory always, the actual pieces left to us might not be something we would actually wear.

Jewelry has been designed as a piece of wearable art. To leave it sitting unworn in a box for years, decades, or even a lifetime is a shame. This is where First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres comes in. We love vintage and antique pieces. Its exciting when people come in with an interesting piece and a story behind it. We do our very best if we believe it would be a good fit for our resale collections to offer top dollar giving you the opportunity to find something more your style instead or use the funds instead for something else you need or want in your life.

Make no mistake that is still a gift from your loved one. It just changes form.

If you have estate jewelry you aren’t wearing, we would love for you to bring it in and have us take a look. You never know just how much some of these older pieces may just be worth!




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