If you watch the news at all you have likely heard about serious shipping delays, container cargo ships being stuck off the coasts here in the USA with no one to unload or truck goods in across the states. China and other countries are also having issues with shipping and manufacturing.

cargo ships delayed christmas shopping florida first pawnThese delays and setbacks are due to a combination of things including Covid measures and attempted mandatory vaccinations through employment. Whatever the reason it is already looking like when it comes to 2021 Christmas shopping it may be a case of “Shop now or forever hold your peace”.

Christmas is just over two months away. That isn’t a lot of time and last minute shopping this year may be under fierce competition. Online you may already notice that though you can still find what you are looking for, the fine print often reads “out of stock” or “back ordered”. They may or may not give an expected date and that date is not set in stone.

Rather than take chances with ordering from unknown source suppliers online why not make your life easier and support your community by shopping locally?

First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Naples and Lehigh Acres right here in Southwest Florida has an amazing selection of goods. Potential holiday making gifts are everywhere in our showrooms. No one loves to shop more than us. The beauty is we get to do it professionally. Our treasured finds are then showcased and put back on sale in our display cases and while we covet our collection it has been pieced together with you in mind.

We have high quality often brand and designer label goods from designer purses and jewelry, to watches, gaming consoles, entertainment centers, stereo equipment, computers, laptops, iPhones, iPads, smart phones, androids, iPhones, firearms and home protection, sporting goods, tools, collectibles from around the world, antiques, – you name it we just might have it!

No matter what you have in mind for a present or who you are trying to shop for – we are one of the most creative gift shops in Florida and you can walk out that day, gift in hand and no need to worry about, wait for or even pay for shipping.

We have two convenient locations for your holiday shopping needs and should you need a bump in your shopping funds, we also buy and offer pawn loans against valuables that are no longer wanted. Your give away might just be exactly what our next shopping has been searching for!



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