No matter what your financial standing most of us, at one point or another, could use a little help.

No one ever wants to have to take out a loan, but circumstance sometimes dictates differently. The beauty is knowing where to source from when that time comes. Its nice to have ideas in mind ahead of time so you are not scrambling when you are stressed out already.

While some may be lucky enough to have friends or family that will loan you money, often (especially these days) even if they wanted to, they just might not have it to give. That is when the search begins.

Life happens daily

Sickness, broken appliances, cars that wont start, vet bills – you just never know what might pop up unexpectedly.  Usually happening at the worst possible time when you don’t happen to have extra cash in the bank.

Thankfully in 2021 there are several lending options – It is important to choose wisely.

Taking a look at your loan options:



The main option most think of are traditional bank loans. These come from stable trustworthy banking institutions with no risk. The only issues become credit checks and provable income. They also have the downside of not being instantly funded. They take time to be approved as well as to issue you a check. Along with that comes a credit check. Each credit check will stay on your credit reports on all three bureaus for several years and lowers your FICO score with each inquiry. It is advisable to avoid applying for cards and loans you don’t really need as it can quickly drag your score lower.


Applying online is convenient. Applications only takes a few minutes, and you have a decision. The problem is that you never really know who you are borrowing from. While they may just be a solid lender, you may also have your personal information sold to a third party and risk identity theft. Nearly 1/3 of all online loans reported an unauthorized withdrawal from their account during the life of the loan. Online payday loans can be sketchy and come with a hefty fee schedule.


Thankfully there are other options. You do the loan in person at a brick and mortar store you know and is trusted by the community. The process is much safer. You have no credit check. No traditional loan processes. The payment is in trade for your item or items, as collateral. When the money is issued the amount is agreed upon up to the full value of the item. You do not have to withdraw the entire offered amount.

You agree to a contract and amount to be paid back and can make payments right at the store.

There are never any harassing calls and no debt collectors. You either pay the loan back or decide purposefully to forfeit the item keeping the cash. Either way that is the end of the transaction.

First Pawn Jewelry and Loan is proud to be able to offer collateral-based loans to our residents here in Southwest Florida at reasonable prices which make both parties happy in the transaction.

Need a loan? Give us a call or stop on in. We would love to work with you.

Visit our showrooms today for spectacular bargains.

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