Pawn Shops are an amazing resource to get cash when you need it!


Though many think of pawn shops as a place to get fast cash the truth is they are also the best way to get rock bottom prices on many of the things we buy in big box and high-end retail stores. You get new or like new merchandise for a fraction of the cost. Once you walk out the door, can you or anyone else really tell the difference?

If you know how Pawn Brokers work, you can get great deals so let us fill you in!

The Appraisal

No matter if you are selling or buying: Coming in blind is not a good option. It leaves you on the spot and often confused as to if you are being offered a good deal or not. Before you come in do a little online research and asses the value and condition of your item.

Find out what new goes for and look as well at used items for sale online. It can also be helpful to have some sites bookmarked for quick reference if you see an item of interest in the shop.

When you have a price range in mind you will know if you are getting a good offer or deal straight out of the gate.

Test All Items in Store

Many people make this mistake. If you are buying an item that is electronic – plug it in. Make sure it works. The same goes for musical instruments and even weapons. While you cannot fire a gun in or store you can make sure all parts are in working order. Whatever you are considering buying, spend a few minutes playing around with it before you agree to the sale. This protects you as well as the shop. No one wants to go back and forth in a conversation about if something was broken when they bought it.

At First Pawn Jewelry and Loan we do test every single item that comes through the door, but we advise you to as well.

Feel Free to Shop Around

It’s perfectly fine to comparison shop between pawn shops the same way you might for regular stores. One may have a sale going on or have excess merchandise in an area and be more inclined to lower the price. Consider requesting a price match if you find something being undercut in another shop. All pawn shops want to earn your business. It never hurts to ask.

Simply starting with the right pawn shop is often the best way to get the best deal. At First Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Lehigh and Naples, Florida we carry everything from guitars to collectibles, so you can find a wide selection of things you need.

We thoroughly inspect every item we accept in our shop to ensure that we only sell the best.



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