Bad credit scores happen to good people.

No one sets out to end up with a bad credit score. Good intentions can get waylaid by life. Unexpected bills, health issues, job loss, family emergencies, they can all come at us faster than we realize and its very easy to get behind. The credit bureaus along with creditors do not offer much leeway. You can quickly find yourself with a diminished score even if you have been at a perfect 850.

At First Pawn Jewelry and loan we don’t run your credit. We offer no credit check pawn loans with approval on the spot.

Collateral based loans are a fantastic way to take assets you already have and turn them into quick cash for Christmas shopping. After all… The spirit of the season is giving. What says giving and love more than sacrifice? If it’s true that it’s the thought that counts taking a pawn loan out comes directly from the heart.

When you bring in an item and we make you an offer you have three options.

  1. Take out a loan against the item. We give you cash on the spot. You can take out the whole amount or just what you need. That is then paid back over time with interest as agreed upon by both parties. If during that time you decide you would rather not pay back the loan, no harm no foul – we keep the item for re-sale and you walk away debt free.
  2. We buy your item outright. You get cash in hand and we get a fabulous new item for our showroom.
  3. Bring in a valuable and make an offer against another in the store you would rather have. It may be an even exchange. It may end up we owe you some cash plus that wanted item. It may also end up that you trade in the item plus a little cash to even out the transaction.

It’s Christmas and we are having fun making deals even Santa would be envious of.

Come see us and what we can do for your wish list!

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